The Hanged Man: Laws of Fortune (ITV 29 March 1975, Jan Francis)

In Laws of Fortune Crowe and Burnett call upon an old flame of Crowe’s, Captain Jane Ashley a former accountant now in the army in order to try and make some sense of the files they now hold. When she is murdered by Quentin both Crowe and Lew realise the stakes have risen considerably higher. Meanwhile plans are under way to sell off Burnett’s business at half its real value, Lew and Crowe (helped by Turtle) decide to break into Lew’s former offices to take a proper look at some secret accounts. Haven’t spent some time examining the files Lew finally puts two and two together and realises that Preston is behind the death attempts. A 300,000 pound embezzlement that was about to be discovered by Burnett, but is Preston also part of a set up designed to throw Lew further off the scent?

The action is gearing up for the big finish in this penultimate episode, you think that Lew has discovered exactly what it is going on before the ending turns the whole thing around again. The net is closing in though and Quentin finally gets his just desserts thanks to Crowe. There is also a nice guest appearance from Jan Francis as Crowe’s old army flame. She isn’t in it for long though before being “dealt with” by Quentin.

production details
UK | ITV Network – Yorkshire Television

RUNNING TIME: 60 Minutes | AIRDATE: 29 March 1975

WRITER: Edmund Ward | DIRECTOR: Marc Miller

Series: The Hanged Man / Episode Seven of Eight

COLIN BLAKELY as Lewis Burnett
PETER ARMITAGE as Sergeant of the Guard
GARY WATSON as Quentin
JAN FRANCIS as Captain Jane Ashley
JOHN F. LANDRY as Turtle
JAMES GROUT as Sam McGuire
LAURENCE PAYNE as James Prendergast
TREVOR BOWEN as Michael Preston
KEITH VARNIER as Tony Hammond
VICTOR BROOKS as Night Watchman

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