Married at First Sight Australia: Season 10 Episode 11 (E4 Wednesday 22 March 2023)



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Married at First Sight Australia: airs a new episode tonight Wednesday 22 March 2023 on E4.

Season 10 Episode 11 Halfway through Intimacy Week, the couples’ relationships have either strengthened or deteriorated due to the challenges assigned by resident sexologist Alessandra, which involve pushing the couples to their physical and emotional limits. The two of them, Harrison and Bronte, are doing better. Now that they’re closer than ever, Jesse and Claire have decided to move back in together. Yet Melinda and Layton have trouble agreeing, while Shannon and Caitlin hit rock bottom after he gives his wife some brutally honesties.

Airdate: Wednesday 22 March 2023 at 7.30pm on E4.

Season 10 Episode 11

Featured Image Credit: E4

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