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Sam: Poor Law (ITV 19 June 1973)



In Poor Law things are getting increasingly hard for the Barracloughs. It’s three months since Sam and his mum Dora were forced to move in with his grandparents. The harsh realities of mean testing are brought to bear when Sam’s paternal grandfather Toby (who is reasonably well off and runs his own shop) gives him money to give to his mother.

Dora meanwhile has picked up her friendship with neighbour Alan Dakin who has carried a torch for her since childhood. Alan, who works down the pit with George, is also trying to better himself by going to evening school, the hope being that he can get involved in organising a union.

Grandad Jack takes Sam on a trip down the pit to show him what kind of life awaits him if he doesn’t do well at school.

Sam Poor Law

production details
UK / ITV – Granada / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Tuesday 19 June 1973 at 9.00pm

Writer: John Finch / Production Design: Alan Price, Colin Pocock / Director: Colin Cant

Series: Sam Season 1 Episode 2

Michael Goodliffe as Jack Barraclough
Maggie Jones as Polly Barraclough
Ray Smith as George Barraclough
Alethea Charlton as Ethel Barraclough
Barbara Ewing as Dora Wilson
Kevin Moreton as Sam Wilson
Frank Mills as Toby Wilson
Mona Bruce as May Dakin
John Price as Alan Dakin
Dorothy White as Eileen
Geoffrey Hinsliff as Edwin Archer
Harry Markham as Saul
Allan Deutrom as Matt
Tommy Harper as Pit deputy