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Special Branch: Smokescreen (ITV 24 Sep 1969, with Paul Darrow)



Special Branch Smokescreen

In Smokescreen Moxon wants Special Branch to do a positive vetting on Doctor Foster Hamilton who is about to undertake a new position at the Ilchester Biochemical Defence Centre. Despite Jordan recommending that Foster Hamilton shouldn’t get the job he gets it anyway on Moxon’s personal recommendation making something of a farce of the whole process.

Just so we know what a new hip man Jordan is, he is at home with his “dolly bird” girlfriend when the case comes through and throughout the episode there is a lot of talk from Jordan’s superiors about his clothes and hair.

There is also a lot of talk about Eden coming up for retirement, Jordan is keen to see him go, Eden himself wants a years extension. It’s not looking too promising though as the Troika case where a major KGB agent got away is being put under internal investigation. The situation is compounded by the fact that, Cowley, one of the men captured in the Troika ring kills himself in prison.

A young Paul Darrow appears at the inquest into Cowley’s death. As usual he steals the scene!

Special Branch Smokescreen

Paul Darrow.

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 24 September 1969 at 9.00pm

Writer: George Markstein / Production Design: Mike Hall / Director: James Goddard

Series: Special Branch Season 1 Episode 2

Derren Nesbitt as DCI Jordan
Wensley Pithey as Superintendent Eden
Morris Perry as Charles Moxon
David Garth as Deputy Commander
Keith Washington as D.C. Morrissey
John Robinson as Dr Foster Hamilton
Sandra Bryant as Christine Morris
Edina Ronay as Sonia Gibbs
Peggy Marshall as Mrs Zoe Foster Hamilton
Donald Pelmear as Cowley
Donald Layne-Smith as Coroner
Paul Darrow as Lawyer
Janet Burrell as Woman Prison Governor
Anton Darby as Reporter
John Dunbar as Foreman of Jury
Lionel Wheeler as Prison Officer