Classic Heartbeat Moments

Here, in chronological order, are some of our best moments from classic ITV period drama Heartbeat

A Talent For Deception

Pub Idol
Series II Episode 7 “Talent For Deception”
Bellamy organised a talent show on behalf of his football team, and Gina raised the roof with an unforgettable rendition of Shout.

Just The Two Of Us
Series V Episode 3 “Thief In The Night”
Few people will forget this tragic Heartbeat. After the birth of their daughter, Kate and Nick were out for the day when Kate suddenly started to feel ill. It was the onset of pneumonia. Ignoring doctors’ advice to go into hospital, she insisted on staying at home and died peacefully in her sleep. In his grief, Nick struck out at nurse Maggie Bolton at the wake. The close of the episode saw him return with his baby daughter to the spot where he and Kate spent their last day together. He decided to call the baby Katie.

Road Rage!
Series VI Episode 1 “Kids”
Greengrass’s new job as school lollipop man was put into jeopardy by a pompous motorist.

Charity Begins At Home…

Christmas Crash!
Series VI Episode 17 “Charity Begins At Home”
A heavy snowfall in Aidensfield left teacher Jo Weston stranded at her cottage with Nick. They heard a plane crash outside and went out and rescued a heavily pregnant woman from the wreckage. After helping her through the snow, she ended up giving birth in a run-down barn. But Nick discovered that her husband was actually a wanted man who scarpered from the plane wreck when he saw Nick approaching in uniform! Finally, the crook was apprehended and medical help arrived for the newly born baby and its mother.

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In The Dog House
Series IX Episode 14 “Full Circle”
Alfred faced a lengthy stretch when Ventress impounded him and some fellow lurchers after a council apparatchik was bitten by one of the dogs. However, the ever-resourceful Greengrass managed to get them off.

Still Water…

Heartbeat Heartbreak
Series X Episode 24 “Still Water”
When Mike told Jackie he had booked them a holiday, she finally admitted she has been having an affair with Adrian. Mike was completely devastated when Jackie then tells him that their marriage was over.

Gottle O’ Geer!
Series XI Episode 22 “A Class Act”
David was over the moon after he inherited a ventriloquist’s dummy, but Vernon managed to run it over in his truck. The mistake left Vernon obliged to stand in for the dummy as entertainment at a kid’s party that David had planned – so Vernon is forced to dress up as a clown!

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Horses For Courses…

Fallen Angel
Series XII Episode 10 “Horses For Courses”
Tricia went to a dinner party at Ashfordly Hall after Mike failed to confirm his feelings for her, and she subsequently went on a date with Doyle whom she met that night. Doyle trains racehorses and invites Tricia to ride them. Mike is watching the stables when he realises a theft is to take place and Doyle is the ringleader. He shouts a warning to Tricia who has just returned from riding. Tricia tries to lead the racehorse to safety but her own horse bolts and she falls to her death.

Goobye Daniel
Series XIII Episode 15 “Daniel”
In a particularly moving episode, Gina and Bellamy’s baby was born prematurely and tragically dies. The couple are devastated, and the damage to their relationship proved to be irreparable….

Beyond The Call Of Duty
Series XIII Episode 25 “Little Angels”
Ashfordly Police were called to the scene after a small girl was abducted by her father in the heat of a custody battle. A brave PC Crane stepped in to save the child as she was about to fall from a bridge – and in doing so he plunges to his death.

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