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The Sherlock Series 4 Interviews: Louise Brealey



Louise Brealey plays Molly Hooper and Sherlock Series 4 Premieres 1 January 2017 on BBC One.

How was it being back on set?
I was just really glad to be back in the fold and part of the show again. It’s an amazing series and I think in terms of Molly it’s hard to say much without giving things away but there are some really beautiful moments which I’m really excited about.

What was it like being back after such a long break?
It’s weird because when you start after a couple of years gap you turn up at the first scene and some years I’ve come back and gone “oh god…, who am I, who is she, who is she”? This year we had a big group scene on my first scene back – I didn’t even give her a thought, I just opened my mouth and though I haven’t thought about the character at all you don’t have to after all these years. She’s just there somewhere loafing about with the bone saw.

How would you describe series four?
Sad. Really sad. But I’m also really excited about series four and I think it might be the best one. There are some nasty creatures in series four and some of the magic that made you fall in love with the show right at the start.