The Control Room | Interview with Sharon Rooney (DI Anna Beck)

Tell us about your character…

I play DI Anna Beck and she is the leading detective investigator on a very interesting crime. There’s nothing typical about this case for her. You never quite know where you stand with her – even when I was playing her, I didn’t know where I stood. That’s what Nick does as a writer, he leaves you little gifts and little clues about your character.

What is the premise of the show?

It’s a really exciting contemporary thriller set in modern-day Glasgow about ordinary people going through extraordinary things. You’ll think you’ll know where it’s going but I can guarantee you’re wrong as the twists and turns are really exciting.

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What can viewers expect?

You are in for a treat. It’s stylish and set in contemporary Glasgow with an amazing cast. You’ll need snacks, a blanket, to shut the curtains and turn your phone off to get completely engrossed in this fantastic story. You might think you know where it’s going but you’re wrong. It starts in 1999, just before the millennium, and goes all the way to 2021. Everything that happened along the way is important and so many twists and turns. It’s a unique thriller.

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