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Unbreakable | Interview with Rob Beckett (Presenter)



You’re the host of a hit podcast on family life. Did this help equip you for this series?

I am obsessed with people and family and partner dynamics. I love nothing more than leaving a party and gossiping with my wife Lou about all the other couples and how they behaved or how their kids behaved. This show is perfect for that, as it puts all kinds of pressure of different couples to see how they react. It’s brilliant. I was excited when I got offered the job but watching it unfold exceeded all of my very high expectations.

What would you say is the most important thing for a successful relationship? 

Teamwork. Life is hard and some days it all gets too much. That’s when you need your partner to step up and look after you and take control. Then you can return the favour when they don’t feel too good. It’s all about taking turns in looking after each other.

Did any couples surprise you? 

I was surprised by how competitive they all were. They all really wanted to win.

Did anything funny happen behind the scenes?

Well I was on tour when we were filming, so I would film some stuff with everyone then jump in a car to Southend or Swansea. Which normally meant the couples would have a night off. So it was fun seeing some of them with hangovers the next day when they are about to be chucked off a bungee jump.

How do you think you’d fare if you were one of the couples competing on the show?

I think me and Lou would do pretty well, but the added pressure of the cameras will always make things 100 times more stressful. I imagine we would be knocked out early doors and it would be my fault.

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