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Honey Pot, The (UA 1967, Rex Harrison, Susan Hayward)



Writer-director Joseph L. Mankiewicz updates Moliere’s Volpone, with Rex Harrison as the sly guy who pretends to be dying in order to test the love of his former mistresses. But greed for an inheritance emerges as their primary feeling when they gather at his bedside. An amusing black comedy and whodunit.

The Honey Pot (1967) was writer/director Mankiewicz’s first film effort since the debacle of Cleopatra (1963) four years earlier. But Mankiewicz did retain one Cleopatran element: the great Rex Harrison, who starred in both films.

production details
Rex Harrison as Cecil Sheridan Fox
Susan Hayward as Mrs. Lone Star Crockett Sheridan
Capucine as Princess Dominique
Maggie Smith as Sarah Watkins
Cliff Robertson as William McFly
Edie Adams as Merle McGill
Adolfo Celi as Inspector Rizzi
Raymond Burr as Himself, as Perry Mason
Hugh Manning as Volpone

Director: Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Producers: Charles K. Feldman, Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Director of Photography: Gianni DiVenanzo
Editor: David Bretherton
Music: John Addison
Script: Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Production Design: John DeCuir

USA / United Artists / 131 minutes / 1967