Deadliest Families, 14 April 2024, Quest Red, The Eyedrop Killer

True Crime

On Sunday 14 April 2024, an episode of Deadliest Families focuses on the disturbing case of Jessy Kurczewski, a Wisconsin woman accused of murdering her friend, Lynn Hernan, by poisoning her with eye drops.

The episode, titled “The Eyedrop Killer“, delves into the shocking details of the crime, which initially appeared to be a drug overdose. However, a toxicological report revealed the presence of tetrahydrozoline, the main ingredient in eye drops, in Hernan’s system, leading to a homicide investigation.

Kurczewski, who was Hernan’s caregiver, was also accused of defrauding Hernan of nearly $300,000. She allegedly spent the money on gambling and expensive gifts, including spa treatments for her friends.

The episode explores the complex dynamics between the two women, with Kurczewski claiming that Hernan was like a mother to her. However, investigators uncovered a darker side to their relationship, suggesting that Kurczewski was motivated by greed and that Hernan’s death made her “worth more dead than alive”.

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The episode also examines Kurczewski’s shifting narratives, as she initially denied any involvement in Hernan’s death, but later confessed to providing her with a water bottle containing six bottles of Visine eye drops.

Deadliest Families sheds light on the disturbing reality of deadly family dynamics, where bonds of loyalty can turn toxic and lead to tragic consequences.

Deadliest Families airs on Quest Red at 9:00 pm on Saturday, 14 April 2024.

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