“Doctor Who”: Varada Sethu’s Surprise Appearance Fuels Speculation on the TARDIS Team

Doctor Who

In a surprising turn of events, actress Varada Sethu, who has been cast as a companion for the 15th Doctor, made an unexpected early appearance in the third episode of the 14th season of “Doctor Who,” titled “Boom.” This unannounced debut has left fans speculating about her character’s potential involvement with the TARDIS team before the 15th Doctor’s era begins.

Sethu will portray the companion to Ncuti Gatwa’s 15th Doctor, with their onscreen partnership set to commence in 2025. However, her appearance in the current season as Mundy Flynn, an Ordained Anglican Marine, has sparked rumours and excitement among the “Doctor Who” fanbase.

In the episode “Boom,” Mundy Flynn is introduced as a trusted friend of Splice Alison Vater, and she shares a close bond with another marine, Canterbury James Olliphant, or Canto. The episode concludes with a hint that the Doctor may return to Kastarion 3, potentially setting up future appearances for Sethu’s character and establishing a connection with the current TARDIS team.

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The speculation around Sethu’s involvement is fuelled by the fact that her casting as a companion was only recently confirmed in April 2024. At the time, Sethu expressed her delight at joining the “Whoniverse” and working alongside Gatwa and Millie Gibson, who will also star as a companion. Showrunner Russell T Davies welcomed Sethu, revealing that they had previously worked together on a BBC production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

With her early appearance, Sethu becomes the latest addition to an already diverse and talented cast for the 14th season. Her character, Mundy Flynn, is an intriguing figure—an ordained marine with a unique skill set and a mysterious past. Fans are now eager to uncover more about Mundy and her potential role in the ongoing adventures of the Doctor.

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Sethu’s appearance also highlights the ongoing commitment to diversity and representation within the “Doctor Who” franchise. As an Indian-born actress who moved to the UK as a child, Sethu’s involvement continues the show’s tradition of showcasing diverse talent and reflecting its global audience.

Outside of “Doctor Who,” Sethu has already built an impressive resume. She portrayed Cinta Kaz in the Disney+ Star Wars series “Andor,” and has also appeared in major franchises such as “Jurassic World Dominion” and “Now You See Me 2.” With her talent and versatility, she is poised to make a significant impact in the world of “Doctor Who.”

For now, fans will have to wait and see how Sethu’s character evolves and whether she will indeed join the TARDIS team sooner than expected.

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