Insight, 23 April 2024, SBS, “Superfans”


Insight looks into the world of super fandom in its latest episode, exploring the dedicated and often extreme followers of celebrities and pop culture phenomena. The episode, airing on SBS on Tuesday, 23 April, examines the passionate fans of icons such as Justin Bieber, Kylie Minogue, and Harry Potter, as well as sports teams and other TV shows.

Kumi Taguchi talks a range of individuals whose lives have been significantly impacted by their fandom. One such interviewee is Lara Jones, a self-proclaimed former “Belieber,” who spent years devoted to the Canadian pop star, Justin Bieber. Jones followed Bieber’s career obsessively, consuming every interview, buying all the merchandise, and even tracking his global movements. She believed that they shared a deep connection and that he would understand and possibly fall in love with her if they met. However, a brief encounter with her idol changed everything. Jones recounts how, despite Bieber not doing anything wrong, the reality fell short of her expectations, leaving her disappointed.

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The episode also includes the story of a woman whose marriage ended due to her husband’s obsession with Liza Minnelli, highlighting the potential negative consequences of super fandom. Host Kumi Taguchi explores the question: why do people become super fans, and what happens when their devotion turns extreme?

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Note: The episode was originally scheduled to air earlier in the month but was delayed.

Insight airs on SBS at 8:30 pm on Tuesday, 23 April 2024.

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