Recap: MasterChef Junior, Thyme Travel, April 29 on FOX

MasterChef Junior: Home for the Holidays

In the latest episode of MasterChef Junior, the young chefs took a trip back in time as they recreated their very first dishes from the show, elevating them to the next level.

The episode, which aired on Monday, April 29, on FOX, saw the contestants facing off in a challenge that tested their creativity and culinary skills. They had to reimagine and elevate the dishes they made during their first appearance on the show.

Remy, who wowed the judges with her multiverse on a plate, consisting of chicken and veggies, impressed once again. Asher, the youngest contestant at 8 years old, took on a complex surf and turf dish with lobster and fillet mignon. He paired it with a cream sauce, but struggled with time management.

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Michael, who has impressed the judges with his seafood dishes in the past, decided to make shrimp tortellini. This was a risky move, as it could either elevate his dish or be its downfall. Jordan chose pork tenderloin and greens, a dish that could showcase his skills if cooked perfectly but could also be a disaster if not executed properly. Bryson played it safe with a NY strip, while Remy went with her signature chicken dish.

As the judges made their rounds, offering advice and commentary, the pressure mounted for the young chefs. With time ticking away, they raced to finish their dishes and present them to the judges.

Michael’s shrimp tortellini, an elevated version of his previous shrimp pasta, impressed the judges with its delicious flavor, despite having a bit too much garlic. Remy’s chicken dish, a step up from her initial “sunshine on a plate,” was beautifully presented, but her veggies were slightly undercooked. Jordan’s pork tenderloin was overcooked, but still had some good flavor. Bryson’s NY strip was cooked to perfection, and Asher’s surf and turf looked gorgeous, but his lobster was undercooked.

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In the end, Michael was crowned the winner of the night and was rewarded with a family trip to Mexico. Remy, Bryson, and Jordan joined him in the semi-finals, while Asher and Jordan landed in the bottom two. Sadly, Jordan was eliminated.

With the competition heating up, the young chefs will have to continue to raise the bar and showcase their skills to secure their spot in the finale.

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