The Bold and the Beautiful, Monday April 29, 2024, CBS

The Bold and the Beautiful

On the Monday April 29 episode of ‘The Bold and the Beautiful‘, Liam takes center stage as he navigates his complicated love life and the emotional fallout. Sitting alone at Il Giardino, Liam struggles with his recent separation from Hope, who is now involved with Thomas. The pain of seeing them together is exacerbated by Liam’s history of waffling between Hope and Steffy, leaving him feeling lost and untethered.

Liam’s attempts to win back Steffy from Finn were unsuccessful, adding to his heartache. With his two great loves seemingly out of reach, Liam’s vulnerability may lead to a reconnection with Ivy (the return of Ashleigh Brewer to the show), a former flame set to return to Los Angeles. Ivy’s upcoming appearance hints at a potential rekindling, as she intends to pursue a reunion with Liam.

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Meanwhile, Deacon and Finn team up with Tom, a helpful homeless man, to investigate the mysterious screams and the potential presence of Sheila Carter in a nearby building. Armed with a flashlight, they navigate the dark and dismal conditions, with Deacon determinedly breaking down a door in their frantic search for Sheila.

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As they uncover a woman lying under a blanket on a mattress, the question of her identity arises. The episode builds suspense as Deacon and Finn find themselves with an opportunity to uncover the truth, eager to determine if the woman is indeed Sheila.

This episode of The Bold and the Beautiful airs Monday April 29, 2024 at 1.30pm on CBS.

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