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The Good Life – Classic Episodes



Three classic episodes from one of the all time great UK sitcoms The Good Life, made by the BBC between 1974 and 78. The premise of the series sees Tom Good reaching the age of 40 and tiring of the rat race deciding that he and his wife Barbara should become self sufficient in the middle of suburbia, much to the distress of their upwardly mobile next door neighbours Margo and Jerry Ledbetter.

The three episodes featured on this single disc set are Backs to the Wall which was the final episode of season one and sees Tom and Barbara about to bring in their first harvest – until Tom’s back gives out on him, luckily however Margo and Jerry are on hand to help out. Next up is The Windbreak War from season four which sees Margo planning to build an arbour in her back garden for her theatrical society soirees – much to the distress of Tom and Barbara as a planned Windbreak will block out the light for some of their new plants.

Finally there is the Christmas Special Silly But It’s Fun which sees Margo and Jerry joining in with the Good’s untypical Christmas celebrations “The Oo-Ah bird is so called because it lays square eggs.” This DVD is an absolutely essential addition to your library.