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Adam Adamant Lives (BBC-1 1966-1967, Gerald Harper, Juliet Harmer)



Adam Adamant Lives was a very 1960’s tales of a Victorian Adventurer frozen in 1902 and thawed out in the swinging sixties to combat crime.

Adam Adamant was a popular hero of the Victorian age, lured into a trap by his arch rival the Evil Face he is entombed in a block of ice.

Over time Adam’s legend grows until in 1966 he is discovered and thawed out, finding his new world highly strange he is helped by the young and very trendy Georgina Jones and an ageing valet called Simms.

Adam soon got back into his adventuring ways, all the time adjusting to his new world of bright lights, loud music, dolly birds, The Beatles and The Stones. Season two brought back The Face for Adam to once more do battle with.

The show was made in black and white by the BBC and very few episodes still exist. The show is often cited as a BBC attempt to create an Avengers type show. In a nicely circular way Adam’s style of dress however would be a definite influence on the Jon Pertwee era of Doctor Who.

Adam Adamant Lives

production details
UK / BBC-1 / 29×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 23 June 1966 – 25 March 1967 made in black and white

Creator: Donald Cotton, Richard Harris, / Script Editor: Tony Williamson / Theme Composer: David Lee / Sung by Kathy Kirby / Producer:Verity Lambert

GERALD HARPER as Adam Adamant
JULIET HARMER as Georgina Jones
JACK MAY as William E. Simms
PETER DUCROW as The Face (season two)



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