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An Englishman’s Castle (BBC Drama, Kenneth More, Isla Blair)



An Englishman’s Castle was a trilogy of plays with an alternative history theme. In a Britain that saw Germany triumph in world war two producer Peter Ingram (Kenneth More) produces a soap opera for the government run TV station that highlights the positive aspects of German occupation.

Played in a minor key throughout An Englishman’s Castle is a very clever piece of drama with an excellent lead performance from an ageing Kenneth More as the world weary Ingram.

Broadcast under the Play of the Week banner.

Cast: KENNETH MORE as Peter Ingram; ISLA BLAIR as Sally – Jill; ANTHONY BATE as Harmer; NOEL DYSON as Mrs Worth – Connie; NIGEL HAVERS as Mark Ingram; BRIAN PECK as Jimmy; KATHLEEN BYRON as Mrs Ingram; DAVID MEYER as Mr Ingram; JONATHAN NEWTH as Theo; FREDERICK TREVES as Lonsdale

Writer: Philip Mackie / Script Editor: Giles Foster / Producer: Innes Lloyd / Director: Paul Ciappessoni

UK / BBC Two / 3×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 5 – 19 June 1978