Bert and Dickie (BBC-1 2012, Matt Smith, Sam Hoare)

Period drama Bert and Dickie was made to tie in with the 2012 London Olympics and telling the real life story of working class Bert Bushnell who teamed up with Eton and Oxford educated Dickie Burnell to win gold in the double sculls rowing event at the 1948 Olympics (also held in London).

Note: Bert and Dickie is also known as Going For Gold: The ’48 Games.

production details
UK / BBC-1 / 1×90 minute episode / Broadcast 25 July 2012

Writer: William Ivory / Producer: Chrissy Skins / Director: David Blair

Sam Hoare as Dickie Burnell
Matt Smith as Bert Bushnell
Geoffrey Palmer as Charles Burnell
James Frain as Jack Beresford
Douglas Hodge as John Bushnell
Anastasia Hille as Lena Bushnell
Alexandra Moen as Rosalind Burnell
Thomas Arnold as Harold Wilson
Matt Barberas Mervyn Wood
John Bird as Lord Aberdare
Ron Cook as Albert
Don Cotter as Frank
Adrian Lukis as Lord Burghley
Clive Merrison as Clement Attlee
Graham Padden as Mr Hawkins
Harper Ray as Richard Winstone
Clive Russell as Tam the copper
Sara Vickers as Margaret
Nathan Wiley as ‘Jack’ Kelly
James Benson as Leander doorman

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