Hamlet at Elsinore (BBC 1964, Christopher Plummer, Robert Shaw)

Hamlet at Elsinore is a BBC production made in association with Danmarks Radio. It aired in 1964 and starred Christopher Plummer and Robert Shaw.

The play actually filmed on location using the then new lightweight equipment.


Christopher Plummer (Hamlet), Robert Shaw (Claudius), Alec Clunes (Polonius), June Tobin (Gertrude), Jo Maxwell Muller (Ophelia), Michael Caine (Horatio), Roy Kinnear (Grave-Digger), Charles Carson (Priest), Dyson Lovell (Laertes), Peter Prowse (Marcellus), Michael Goldie (Barnado), David Calderisi (Rosencranz), Bill Wallis (Guidenstern), David Swift (Player King), Lindsay Kemp (Player Queen), William Hobbs (Prologue), Steven Berkoff (Lucianus), Donald Sutherland (Fortinbras), Joby Blanshard (Captain), Philip Locke (Osric).

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Written by William Shakespeare / Music by Richard Rodney Bennett / Designed by Poul Arnt Thomsen / Produced by Peter Luke / Directed by Philip Saville

Production Details

UK / BBC – Danmarks Radio / 1×80 minutes / Broadcast 19 April 1964c

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