Born To Kill (Channel 4 2017, Jack Rowan, Daniel Mays)

Born To Kill is a haunting four-part drama exploring the mind of Sam, a teenager on the verge of acting out suppressed psychopathic desires. As this chilling coming of age drama unfolds, decades of deceit are revealed and Sam’s family’s long buried past returns with a vengeance.

Sam, played by newcomer Jack Rowan, lives with his protective mum Jenny (Romola Garai), a geriatric nurse, and thinks his dad died in a car crash…

While working at the local hospital, Jenny meets the charming Bill (Daniel Mays). New to town with his moody teenage daughter Chrissy, played by rising star Lara Peake, Bill’s trying to reconnect with his elderly mother Margaret (Elizabeth Counsell, Song For Marion). Just as Jenny and Bill start to hit it off, their kids meet at school and also form an instant attraction. Sam feels like he’s finally met someone that he can relate to, but does she really share his desire… to kill?

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At the same time, Jenny learns that her ex, Sam’s dad, a violent man named Peter (Richard Coyle, The Fall), is nearing his parole date. Jenny must now face telling her son that not only is his father alive, he’s also a convicted murderer.

As this menacing drama unfolds, Jenny, Sam and Peter’s long buried past comes back to haunt the fractured family. Will Jenny discover, despite her best efforts, that Sam and his dad are more alike than she could have ever imagined?

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Jack Rowan as Sam
Daniel Mays as Bill
Romola Garai as Jenny
Elizabeth Counsell as Margaret
Richard Coyle as Peter

key behind the scenes crew
Tracey Malone as Writer
Kate Ashfield as Writer
Bruce Goodison as Director
Jake Lushington as Executive Producer

show type
1 season with 4 episodes in total

broadcast from
Thursday 20 April 2017

network and production companies
Channel 4 – World Productions

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