Caroline in the City (NBC 1995-1999, Lea Thompson, Eric Lutes

Lea Thompson stars in this comedy series about a cartoonist searching Manhattan for love, happiness and some good material for her weekly comic strip.

Caroline Duffy (Thompson) has her professional life just the way she wants it. Caroline in the City, the comic strip she created, turned into merchandising gold with an array of greeting cards, books and calendars. Her personal life is not quite as golden, but it serves as an endless source of material for her strip.

Just as Caroline recently called off her impending marriage to her boss Del Cassidy (Lutes), president of the greeting card company that features her Caroline cards, her brooding, lovesick colorist Richard (Gets) unexpectedly left town pining for Caroline, who must now ponder her romantic future. Other inspirations for her comic strip include Charlie (Lauer), an adrenaline-fueled gopher for the card company; and Annie (Pietz), her best friend and neighbor, whose dating life is chronicled in the strip. Each episode of the series is accented with the illustrations of cartoonist Bonnie Timmons.

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The idea for ‘Caroline’ started from a passion, not a deal, said executive producer Fred Barron. We knew the woman we wanted to write about: quirky, engaging, flawed and honest. And both Marco and I were interested in cartoonists, people who could mask their insecurities and express their inner truths with humor.

production details
USA | NBC – Sister Ent – Barron/Pennette Entertainment – CBS Entertainment | 97×22 minutes | Broadcast 21 September 1995 – 26 April 1999

Executive producers: Fred Barron, Marco Pennette, Dottie Dartland and Tom Leopold
Consulting producers: Jeff Abugov, Bill Prady and Donald Todd
Executive consultant: Bob Ellison
Producers: Faye Oshima Belyeu and Bill Masters
Co-producers: Brian Hargrove and Jack Kenny
Music: Jonathan Wolff
Cartoonist: Bonnie Timmons
Animation: The Ink Tank

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LEA THOMPSON as Caroline Duffy
ERIC LUTES as Del Cassidy
MALCOLM GETS as Richard Karinsky
AMY PIETZ as Annie Spadaro
ANDY LAUER as Charlie
SOFIA MILOS as Julia(from 1997)
CANDY AZZARA as Angie Spadaro(1995-1997)
MARK FEUERSTEIN as Joe De Stafano(1996-1997)
LAUREN GRAHAM as Shelly(1995-1996)

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