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Charlie Muffin (ITV Spy, David Hemmings, Sam Wanamaker)



In this one off spy drama Charlie Muffin (David Hemmings) has just broken up a major Soviet spy network in England. However, a new Director with new ideas takes over and wants Charlie out. But then high-ranking Soviet spy-master Kalenin (Pinkas Braun) hints that he wants to defect, and both British Intelligence and the CIA want him and will do anything to get him. Charlie may be the only man who can bring the defection off successfully. Charlie though is not sure if the whole thing is nothing more than an elaborate set up.

The drama was given a TV Times cover and a two page interview with David Hemmings. He admitted that he would like to do more Muffin’s “Charlie is a great character. He’s a bit smug but he’s always one step ahead and looking one step behind. I play him in the belief that he’s deliberately scruffy.”

The casting was very high profile too with small but key roles for Ralph Richardson and Ian Richardson.

Cast: David Hemmings as Charlie Muffin; Sam Wanamaker as Ruttgers; Jennie Linden as Edith; Ralph Richardson as Sir Archibald Willoughby; Pinkas Braun as Kalenin; Ian Richardson as Cuthbertson; Shane Rimmer as Braley; Tony Mathews as Harrison; Christopher Godwin as Snare; Norwich Duff as Cox; Rohan McCullough as Janet; Donald Churchill as Wilberforce; Frederick Treves as Wilcox; Clive Revill as Berenkov; Philip Joseph as Bayer; Reinhold Olszewski as Kastanazy; Marc Smith as Marshall; Peter Banks as Byrbank; Ray Hassett as Payne; Rodney Lovick as British Ambassador; Peter Jessup as Jessell; Ron Bone as C. I. A. Guard; Paulina Dare as Air Hostess; Barry Woolgar as German Guard; Peter Ellis as Maitre d’hotel; Elspeth March as Large Lady; Olaf Pooley as First Secretary; Charles Keating as Keys; Brandon Brady as U. S. Ambassador; John Gregg as Australian; Brent Verdon as Second Australian; David Daker as Bolton; William Hootkins as Official Photographer; John Blain as Porter

Writer: Keith Waterhouse / Novel: Brian Freemantle / Producers: Ted Childs, Norton Knatchbull / Director: Jack Gold.

UK / ITV – Thames – Euston / 1×105 minute episode / 11 December 1979