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Churchill And The Generals (BBC Drama, Timothy West)



In one off all star period drama Churchill And The Generals, written by Ian Curteis, after being made prime minister in 1940, Winston Churchill (Timothy West) has almost as much trouble with his Generals as he does Hitler.

Cast: Timothy West (Winston Churchill), Patrick Allen (General Sir Claude Auchinleck), Lyndon Brook (King George VI), Richard Dysart (General Dwight D. Eisenhower), Alexander Knox (Secretary of War Henry Stimson), Patrick Magee (General Sir Archibald Wavell), Eric Porter (General Sir Alan Brooke), Ian Richardson (General B. L. Montgomery), Arthur Hill (President Franklin D. Rossevelt), Joseph Cotten (General George C. Marshall), Edward Jewesbury (Neville Chamberlain), Bernard Archard (Edward, Lord Halifax), Paul Hardwick (General Sir Hastings Ismay), Peter Copley (General Sir John Dill), Noel Coleman (General Sir Edmund Ironside), Barry Jackson (Clement Attlee), Jacques Duby (Paul Reynaud), André Maranne (General Maurice Gamelin), Jacques Boudet (Brigadier-General Charles De Gaulle), Robert Arden (Harry Hopkins), Amanda Walker (Queen Elizabeth), Richard Easton (Anthony Eden), Geoffrey Keen (Sir Charles Wilson), Terence Alexander (General Sir Harold Alexander), Robert Raglan (General Maitland Wilson), Noel Johnson (Admiral Sir Bertram Ramsay), Desmond Cullum-Jones, Derek Ensor, Julian Fox, Alan Halley, Adam Norton, Doyle Richmond, Doreen Ubels

Writer: Ian Curteis / Music: Wilfred Josephs / Executive Producer: Jack Le Vien / Producer: Alan Shallcross / Director: Alan Gibson

UK / BBC Two / 1×160 minute episode / Broadcast 23 September 1979