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City of Vice (Channel 4 2008, Iain Glen, Ian McDiarmid)



Period crime drama City of Vice follows the setting up of the first cohesive police force in London.

Ian McDiarmuid plays the celebrated novelist Henry Fielding (he of Tom Jones fame, who tired of the massive amount of crime and corruption striking into the heart of London decides to do something about it. He teams up with his blind brother John (Iain Glen) and after getting permission from the government of the day the pair attempt to restore some law and order to the capital.

A stunningly good series, great production design and some well realised CGI transport us right into the dark heart of mid 18th century London. Pulling no punches, graphic of violence and sweary by nature, City of Vice does a great job in bringing to life the story of the beginnings of the Bow Street Runners, themselves a forerunner to Robrt Peel’s eventual setting up of the Metropolitan Police.

production details
UK | Channel 4 | 5×50 minutes | 2008

Creators: Clive Bradley, Peter Harness

Iain Glen as John Fielding
Ian McDiarmid as Henry Fielding
Francis Magee
Peter McDonald
Juliet Aubrey
Sam Spruell as Lord Newcastle
Alice O’Connell
Sean Francis
Ian Peck
J.D. Kelleher