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Comrade Dad (BBC Two Sitcom, George Cole, Barbara Ewing)



In Orwellian sitcom Comrade Dad we are in the year 1999 when Britain has been invaded by Russia and times are hard for the Dudgeon family. The Dudgeons are now living in Londongrad. Dad Reg (George Cole) thinks the Russian take over is the best thing to ever happen his wife Treen (Barbara Ewing) and his daughter Zo (Claire Toeman).

There was a pilot broadcast 17 Dec 1984 with Colette O’Neill as Treem, this was remade as the first episode of the series which detailed how the Russians took over – when the Brits feared Russia had launched a new attack the Royal Family and the Government took to the fall-out shelters. Turns out the missiles were in fact just planes with soldiers aboard who quickly took control of the country.

Cast: George Cole as Reg Dudgeon; Barbara Ewing as Treen Dudgeon; Doris Hare as Gran (Anna Wing played Gran in the pilot); Claire Toeman as Zo Dudgeon;
David Garlick as Bob Dudgeon

Writers: Ian Davidson, Peter Vincent / Producer and Director: John Kilby

UK / BBC Two / 7×30 minute episodes/ 13 January – 24 February 1984 Mondays at 9.00pm