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The Clairvoyant (BBC Two Sitcom, Roy Kinnear, Sandra Dickinson)



In single season Roy Clarke penned sitcom The Clairvoyant, used car salesman Arnold Bristow (Roy Kinnear) is knocked down in a car accident and suddenly finds himself with psychic powers – or so he believes. Of course most people are convinced Arnold has lost his marbles.

Another of Roy Clarke’s lesser known works this was an interesting misfire. Roy Kinnear was terrific though as was the supporting cast that included Sandra Dickinson and Hugh Lloyd.

There was a pilot broadcast 27 Nov 1984. It was one of four try outs that aired on BBC Two over consecutive weeks – surprisingly all four became series. The others were The New Statesman (not the Rik Mayall series but one with Windsor Davies), Comrade Dad and Hilary.

Cast: Roy Kinnear ad Arnold Bristow; Sandra Dickinson as Lily; Hugh Lloyd as Burma; Shaun Curry as Newton; Glynis Brooks as Dawn; Carmel Cryan as Carmen

Writer: Roy Clarke / Producer and Director: Alan J.W. Bell

UK / BBC Two / 5x30m-e / 1986 15 May – 19 June Thursdays 9.00pm