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Doctor At Sea (ITV 1974, Robin Nedwell, Geoffrey Davies)



Doctor at Sea

Sitcom Doctor at Sea was the fourth in the Doctor series following in the House, at Large and In Charge.

After getting the sack from St Swithins Dick Stuart-Clark gets a job aboard the HMS Begonia. Duncan Waring walks out in support and joins Dick aboard the ship. By a strange coincidence of fate the ship they were on, The Begonia, was captained by Professor Loftus’ twin brother Captain Norman Loftus (clearly so that Ernest Clark could remain a part of the series).

Writers on the series were Gail Renard, Phil Redmond, Bernard McKenna, Richard Laing, George Layton and Jonathan Lynn.

production details
UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 13×25 minute episodes / Broadcast 21 April – 14 July 1974

Producer: Humphrey Barclay

Robin Nedwell as Duncan Waring
Geoffrey Davies as Dick Stuart-Clark
Ernest Clark as Captain Norman Loftus
Elizabeth Counsell as Ship’s Nurse Wynton
John Grieve as Purser
Bob Todd as Entertainments Officer