Galloping Galaxies (BBC Kids Series, Kenneth Williams)

Children’s scifi comedy series Galloping Galaxies was set, Buck Rogers style, in the 25th Century, where Voyager, an interplanetary merchant ship plies it’s trade across the vastness of space. SID was the ships computer (voiced by Kenneth Williams) and the crew included Captain Pettifer (Robert Swales), First Officer Morton (Paul Wilce) and Communications Officer Webster (Nigel Cooke). Also a regular was space pirate Mick Murphy (played by Sean Caffrey in the first season and Niall Buggy in the second).

The series was made by the same production team as Rentaghost (Writer Bob Block, Producer Jeremy Swan and composer Jonathan Cohen) and has the same slapsticky vibe as that (and pretty much all of Block’s kids TV output – he also created Pardon My Genie and Robert’s Robots).

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Cast: Kenneth Williams as SID (voice); Robert Swales as Capt Pettifer; Paul Wilce as First Officer Morton; Nigel Cooke as Communications Officer Webster (Season 1); Priscilla Morgan as Miss Mabel Appleby; Sean Caffrey as Space Pirate Chief Mick Murphy (Season 1); Niall Buggy as Space Pirate Chief Mick Murphy (Season 2); Michael Deeks as Robot 7; Matthew Sim as Robot 20; Julie Dawn Cole as Robot 35; James Mansfield as Mr Elliot

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Writer: Bob Block / Music: Jonathan Cohen / Producer: Jeremy Swan

UK / BBC1 / 10×25 minute episodes / 1 October 1985 – 18 December 1986

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