The Escape Of R.D. 7 (BBC Thriller, Barbara Murray, Patrick Cargill)



In thriller drama serial The Escape of R.D.7 fanatical virologist Dr Anna Hastings (Barbara Murray) is on the verge of a breakthrough with a virus that could wipe out rats (the implication being that this would eradicate any type of plague). Things take a turn for the worse when lab cleaner Peter Warner (Roger Croucher) is bitten by a rat that has been infected with the virus.

At risk of having her work shut down Hastings kidnaps Warner and hides out with him in a remote Essex boathouse, then she falls ill herself…

Also involved in the action was the less than trustworthy Patrice Constantine (Patrick Cargill) a financier who has his own agenda.

Cast: BARBARA MURRAY as Dr Anna Hastings; ROGER CROUCHER as Peter Warner; EDDIE MALIN as Tucker; DEREK WARING as David Cardosa; PATRICK CARGILL as Patrice Constantine; PAUL EDDINGTON as Michael Rabionowitz

Writer: Thomas Clarke / Idea: James Parish / Music: Eric Spear / Producer: James Ormerod

UK / BBC / 5×30 minute episodes / 21 November – 19 December 1961

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