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George And Mildred (ITV 1976-1979, Brian Murphy, Yootha Joyce)



Sitcom spinning off from Man About the House which sees George and Mildred move to middle class suburbia and quickly outraging their new next door neighbours The Fourmiles. George knew that their street was full of “toffee-nosed snobs” but Mildred relished her new suburban idyll.

Brian Murphy and Yootha Joyce had a natural chemistry as henpecked George and the always hoping for more from life Mildred. The other mainstay of the series was of course the Fourmile family next door whose lifestyle Mildred coveted.

George and Mildred was extremely popular and after the series ended in 1979 the following year saw a big screen outing. This was decidedly lacklustre with most of the action taking place in a hotel and George being mistaken for a hit-man. Sadly Yootha Joyce died on 24 August 1980 otherwise it is highly the series would have continued a little while longer.

George and Mildred

The Ropers lived at 46 Peacock Crescent, Hampton Wick, Middlesex, England.

Other George and Mildred related material includes a 1977 stage show that ran for a Summer season on Bournemouth Pier and an appearance in character on the David Nixon Show on 3 May 1976.

Incidentally in Man About The House Norman Eshley played Robin Tripp’s brother, the man who swept Chrissie off her feet and married her in the final episode.

George and Mildred

production details
UK / ITV Network-Thames / 38×25 minute episodes / Broadcast 6 September 1976 – 25 December 1979

Writers: Johnnie Mortimer, Brian Cooke / Producer:Peter Frazer-Jones

Brian Murphy as George Roper
Yootha Joyce as Mildred Roper
Norman Eshley as Jeffrey Fourmile
Sheila Fearn as Ann Fourmile
Nicholas Bond-Owen as Tristram Fourmile
Avril Elgar as Ethel
Reginald Marsh as Humphrey
Roy Kinnear as Jerry
Gretchen Franklin as Mother


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