Kirk (The WB 1995-1996, Kirk Cameron, Chelsea Noble)

As Mike Seaver on the long-running sitcom hit Growing Pains, Kirk Cameron became one of the biggest teen heartthrobs of the 80’s. He followed up that success in the 90’s with another sitcom, this one built entirely around him. Kirk starred Cameron as Kirk Hartman, a young man who moved to New York City to get work as an illustrator and ended up working as a sign-painter. His life became complex when a visiting aunt dropped off his three siblings to live with him: two brothers (Corey and Russell) and one sister (Phoebe).

Kirk focused on Kirk’s attempts to grow into the responsibility of being a surrogate parent while trying to keep his dreams of an illustrator career alive. Further complication was added to his life by Dr. Elizabeth Waters (played by Cameron’s real-life wife, Chelsea Noble), the attractive and sophisticated intern who lived across the hall. Kirk was very attracted to her and devoted his few moments of spare time trying to get close to her. He was often helped in this pursuit by his college buddy, Eddie. Unfortunately for Kirk, Eddie’s help usually came in the form of schemes that were more trouble than they were worth. Rounding out the cast was Sally, the landlady at Kirk’s apartment building.

The show lasted about a season and a half on the WB Network, but Cameron continues to act on television, including a 2000 reunion film with his Growing Pains family. Kirk may not have been as successful as Cameon’s 80’s hit role, but it still holds a fond place in the heart of Cameron fans for helping him make the transition from teen star to adult actor.

production details
USA / The WB – Warner Bros TV / x25 minute episodes / Broadcast 23 September 1995 – 10 November 1996

Kirk Cameron as Kirk Hartman
Chelsea Noble as Elizabeth Waters
Louis Vanaria as Eddie Balducci
Will Estes as Cory Hartman
Taylor Fry as Phoebe Hartman
Courtland Mead as Russell Hartman
Debra Mooney as Sally

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