The Brothers: The Mole (BBC-1 7 Mar 1976, Clive Swift)

In The Mole the tender needs to be completed within a week, the board think they have Trevelyan on side but unbeknownst to them he is playing them off against another of the bidders – Matthews. Trevelyan is feeding Hammond’s false information on what needs to go in the tender but it soon becomes obvious what is going on and Hammonds decides to play Matthews at their own game.

Another strong episode from the always excellent Paice, great to see the board all pulling together and getting the better of Trevelyan (played by the dependable Clive Swift) even though there is the ultimate double bluff at the end with Trevelyan also working with a third company who end up winning the tender! Quite interesting too to see Brian developing an interest in Jane Maxwell, she is another strong female, very much in the mould of ex-wife Ann!

classic quote
“Could we have some order please before this develops into the usual chimp’s tea party.”

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 7 March 1976

Writer: Eric Paice / Production Design: Ian Ashurst / Director: Philip Dudley

Series: The Brothers Season 6 Episode 7

guest cast
CLIVE SWIFT as Trevelyan
CARLETON HOBBS as Sir Neville Henniswode
JACK MAY as Denis Mathews
HILARY MINSTER as Michael Parker
ESMOND WEBB as Charles Rhodes

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