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High & Dry (ITV 1987, Bernard Cribbins, Richard Wilson)



Period sitcom High and Dry was set just after the second world war had ended when Ron Archer takes over the running of a down at heel pier. It costs him the princely sum of five shillings and he has ambitious plans for turning it into a success but his bank manager Richard Talbot (who just happens to be married to Archer’s sister) is not so sure. However a spot of blackmail can work wonders.

The BBC broadcast a pilot version called Walking the Planks, this had starred Michael Elphick. The series was actually based on a radio series called It Sticks Out Half A Mile which had been a continuation of Dad’s Army of sorts. This ITV version never really found an audience and only lasted the one season.

production details
UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 6×25 minute episodes / Broadcast 7 January – 18 February 1987 Wednesday at 8.30pm

Writers: Alan Sherwood, Michael Knowles / Music: Neil Innes / Producer and Director: Ronnie Baxter

Bernard Cribbins as Ron Archer
Richard Wilson as Richard Talbot
Vivienne Martin as Miss Baxter
Angus Barnett as Trevor Archer
Arthur English as Fred Whattle
Diana Coupland as Mrs Briggs