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Isis – The secrets of Isis (CBS 1975-1978, Joanna Cameron)



The Secrets Of Isis

Children’s fantasy adventure series, beautiful high school teacher Andrea Thomas has a secret altar ego, she is in fact a superhero, the mighty Isis, having discovered a magical amulet whilst on an archaeological dig.

Whenever there was trouble near by Andrea simply had to say “Oh Mighty Isis” and she was transformed, wearing a white tunic she would fly off to save the world. Isis could also run at great speed and had super strength.

Isis had a pet crow called Tut and other regulars included High School students Renee Carroll and Cindy Lee and fellow teachers Rick Mason and Dr Barnes.

The show initially appeared in a double bill as The Shazam!/Isis Hour (between 1975 and 77) before going alone as The Secrets of Isis.

At the end of each episode Isis would speak direct to camera explaining the moral of each story. DC Comics actually brought out a brief run comic during the run of the series and Isis also appeared in animated form as part of the show Freedom Force.

production details
USA / CBS-Filmation / 22×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 1975-1978

BRIAN CUTLER as Rick Mason
CARROLL as Renee
JOANNA PANG as Cindy Lee
ALBERT REED as Dr Barnes