King Lear (BBC-2 2018, Anthony Hopkins, Emma Thompson)

In this lavish BBC-Amazon take on Shakespeare’s King Lear it is the present day, a time when King Lear has established his own military based dictatorship in England. A bit like Prior Mordrin in 80’s scifi series Knights of God.

There is a fabulous all star cast involved and the drama will air first on BBC Two in the UK (not until 2018 though) and then on Amazon Prime in the US and elsewhere (including the UK).

Anthony Hopkins as King Lear
Emma Thompson as Goneril
Emily Watson as Regan
Florence Pugh as Cordelia
Jim Broadbent as Earl of Gloucester
Andrew Scott as Edgar
John Macmillan as Edmund
Jim Carter as Earl of Kent
Christopher Eccleston as Oswald
Tobias Menzies as Duke of Cornwall
Anthony Calf as Duke of Albany
Karl Johnson as The Fool

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crew details
Writer: William Shakespeare
Producer: Noëlette Buckley
Executive Producers: Colin Callender, Scott Huff, Sonia Friedman, Lucy Richer,
Director: Richard Eyre

production details
Country: UK
Network and Production Companies: BBC-2 – Amazon – Playground – Lemaise – Sonia Friedman
Duration: Not sure yet
Aired From: In production

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