Life Without George (BBC Sitcom, Carol Royle, Simon Cadell)

In BBC sitcom Life Without George estate agent Larry Wade (Simon Cadell) begins a kind of relationship with aerobics instructor Jenny Russell (Carol Royle), but Larry is unable to get Jenny to commit because she cannot forget her previous love George. When Larry first meets Jenny her long term partner George has only recently walked out on her and over the course of three seasons Larry is there for her and by the time the series ends Jenny has agreed to marry him. There was a little glitch midway through the series though when Jenny briefly reunited with the never seen George and was left pregnant.

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The series was written by Penny Croft is the daughter of classic BBC writer/producer David Croft (Dad’s Army, Hi-De-Hi etc). Keeping it in the family Simon Cadell was married to Penny’s sister Rachel. Penny Croft also wrote the excellent theme tune.

Cast: Simon Cadell as Larry Wade; Carol Royle as Jenny Russell; Ronald Fraser as Mr Chambers; Rosalind March as Amanda (Seasons 1 & 2); Elizabeth Estensen as Amanda (Season 3); Michael Thomas as Ben; Kenny Ireland as Sammy (Season 1); Cheryl Maiker as Carol (Season 2); Campbell Morrison as Carol

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Writers: Penny Croft, Val Hudson / Music: Penny Croft / Producer: Susan Belbin / Executive Producer: Robin Nash

UK / BBC One / 20×30 minute episodes / 12 March 1987 – 11 May 1989

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