Merseybeat (BBC One 2001-2003 TV Series)

Citizen James

Merseybeat was a Crime drama series that aired on BBC One in 2001-2003.

Crime drama series Merseybeat was about a police drama set in Liverpool with Superintendent Blake, recently back from maternity leave, in charge of a tight-knit team of officers dealing with a close community’s day to day troubles.

JOSEPHINE D’ARBY who appeared from season two is probably better known as a children’s tv presenter, here making her move into drama.

First Episode 16 July 2001.

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Who Was In It

HADYN GWYNNE as Susan Blake (seasons 1-2)/ JOHN McARDLE as Jim Oulton / JONATHAN KERRIGAN as Steve Traynor / CHRIS WALKER as Larry Barton / MICHELLE HOLMES as Connie Harper / DAVID HARGREAVES as Bill Gentle / PAUL BOWN as Al Blake / JOSEPHINE D’ARBY as Jodie Finn (from series 2) / JOANNA TAYLOR as Jackie Brown (from series 2) / LESLIE ASH as Inspector Charlie Eden (from season 3)

Production Details

Producer: Kay Patrick

UK / BBC One / 38×60 minute episodes / 2001-2003

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