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Message For Posterity (BBC Two 1995 TV Drama)



The Deputy (NBC 1959-1960 TV Series)

Message For Posterity was a Drama that aired on BBC Two in 1995.

Drama Message For Posterity, written by Dennis Potter, was about a famous artist who paints the portrait of a retiring Prime Minister. The play was previously broadcast in 1967 but the tape was wiped which was unfortunate considering the play’s title. This was broadcast as part of the ‘Performance‘ strand of single BBC plays that all had a studio setting and a more traditional play like feel..

Who Was In It

JOHN NEVILLE as Sir David Browning / ERIC PORTER as James Player / STEPHEN MOORE as Hawkins / RONALD PICKUP as Richard Browning / ABIGAIL CRUTTENDEN as Clara Browning / SOPHIE THOMPSON as Gillian Player / ANNETTE CROSBIE as First Labour MP / TONY HAYGARTH as Second Labour MP / EDWARD PETHERBRIDGE as Liberal MP

Production Details

Writer: Dennis Potter / Producer: Simon Curtis / Director: David Jones

UK / BBC Two / 1×90 minute episodes / 1995