Messiah (BBC One 2001-2004 TV Series)

Messiah was a Crime thriller that aired on BBC One in 2001-2004.

Crime thriller Messiah was about Crime thriller. saw Detective Red Metcalfe and his hand picked team finding themselves up against a serial killer stalking the streets of London, each of the victims is found with a silver spoon in their mouths instead of a tongue, and it looks like the killer is using a “twelve disciples” theme as his raison Detre. A series of occasional 2 or 3 parters followed over the next few years.

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MESSIAH 2: Vengeance is Mine was broadcast BBC1 / 2x90m / 11-12 January 2003. MESSIAH 3: The Promise was broadcast BBC1 / 2x90m / 30-31 August 2004 / MESSIAH 4: The Harrowing was broadcast BBC1 / 3x60m / 28-30 August 2005..

Who Was In It

KEN STOTT as Red Metcalfe / EDWARD WOODWARD as Reverend Stephen Hedges / MICHELLE FORBES as Susan Metcalfe / FRANCES GREY as Kate Beauchamp / JAMIE DRAVEN as Jez Clifton / NEIL DUDGEON as Duncan Warren / ART MALIK as D.C.S. Emerson / GILLIAN TAYLFORTH as Helen Warren / RON BERGLASS as Lubezski

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Production Details

Novel: Boris Starling / Costume: Ralph Holes / Design: Claire Kenny / Executive Producers: James Dowalby, Kate Triggs, Robert Cooper

UK / BBC One Paramount International – Messiah Films / 2×75 4×90 3×60 minute episodes / 2001-2004

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