Moloney (CBS 1996, Peter Strauss, James Marsters)

Moloney Peter Strauss stars as Dr. Nick Moloney, a police psychiatrist whose compelling cases run the gamut from rogue cops to serial killers to suicide cases about to jump off tall buildings. Through it all, Moloney has learned the necessity of exuding a calm, cool demeanor as he works his way through uncharted territory — to control the uncontrollable elements around him.

production details
USA | CBS | 21×25 minutes | Broadcast 19 September 1996 – 22 May 1997

Creators: Ronald Bass, Jane Rusconi

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Peter Strauss as Dr. Nick Moloney
James Marsters as Billy O’Hara
Ashley Johnson as Kate Moloney
Nestor Serrano as Lt. Matty Navarro
Wendell Pierce as Calvin Patterson
Cherie Lunghi as Dr. Sarah Bateman

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