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Mrs Mandela (BBC-4 2010, Sophie Okonedo)



Incredibly powerful drama Mrs Mandela tells the real life story of Nelson Mandela’s wife Winnie who finds new meaning life when she marries freedom fighter Nelson Mandela. When Mandela is imprisoned Winnie emerges as a major force in the fight against Apartheid in South Africa, willing to speak out and punished for it too, the drama pulls no punches when it comes to the horrific five day interrogation Mandela suffered at the hands of Major Swanepoel. She eventually becomes the figurehead for the anti-apartheid movement, one that the authorities feel must be removed at any price.

An amazing story with a majestic and ultimately moving performance from Sophie Okonedo as Winnie. The movie begins on February 11, 1990 with the release, after 27 years in prison, of Nelson Mandela before going back to the 1950’s when Winnie and Nelson meet for the first time. Winnie Mandela has still not had an easy time of it since the breaking down of Apartheid and the release of her husband and the couple divorced just two years after Nelson’s release.

Shot on location in the Soweto region.

production details
UK / BBC Four / 1×90 minute episode / Broadcast Monday 25 January 2010 @ 9.00pm

Writer and Director: Michael Samuels / Producer: Jolyon Symonds

SOPHIE OKONEDO as Winnie Mandela
DAVID HAREWOOD as Nelson Mandela
DAVID MORRISSEY as Theunis Swanepoel