Mutant X

Mutant X chronicles the adventures of a team of hunted, feared and frightened human mutants, altered in secret experiments during a covert government project. They possess extraordinary powers, so much so that those who created them now seek to destroy them, hunting them down in an urgent ‘product recall’.

Just one man stands alongside them. Fighting to create a sanctuary for these lost souls is the mysterious billionaire known only as Adam (John Shea, The New Adventures Of Superman) who has put together a group which can help to provide a future without fear. Shea views his character as “sort of an anti-hero” and a wounded idealist, but with 44 episodes of the show guaranteed, he has ample time to evolve as the head of Mutant X. Follow the continuing tension as Adam and the mutants seek out fellow sufferers to protect them from persecution by their desperate and ruthless creators.

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Even though the series had high ratings and was meant to be renewed for a fourth season, it was abruptly canceled in 2004 after the dismantling of Fireworks Entertainment, one of the show’s production companies. The series then ended on an unresolved cliffhanger.

production details
USA – Canada | Syndicated | x44 minutes | Broadcast from 6 October 2001 – 17 May 2004

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John Shea as Adam Kane
Victoria Pratt as Shalimar Fox
Lauren Lee Smith as Emma DeLauro
Forbes March as Jesse
Victor Webster as Brennan Mulray
Tom McCamus as Mason Eckhart
Karen Cliche as Lexa Pierce
George Buza as Lexa’s Dominion Contact

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