Nip/Tuck (FX 2003-2010, Dylan Walsh, Julian McMahon)

Based in sun-drenched Miami, Nip/Tuck follows the lives of two very different plastic surgeons. Julian McMahon (Charmed) stars as the oily Dr Christian Troy and Dylan Walsh is the bewildered and vaguely disillusioned Dr Sean McNamara. Partners in McNamara/Troy, a booming plastic surgery practice the two have built together since graduating from medical school, they make an intriguing combination; constantly at loggerheads over the practise yet staunchly devoted to each other in a crisis.

Christian has no reservations about the services their practice renders and enjoys all of the perks afforded a successful plastic surgeon working in Miami. While Sean has become disillusioned with the unseemly aspects of his job and is contemplating a life lift. He has come to the realization that his beautiful home and financial success can no longer mask his unravelling family life.

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Sean’s spouse, Julia (Joely Richardson), is a housewife and mother to teenager Matt (John Hensley) and Annie (Kelsey Lynn Batelaan). Julia is also unhappy with the marriage and resents the sacrifices she has made to further Sean’s career. She is considering divorce and possibly going back to medical school.

As the New York Times noted: Other innovative shows like The Shield and The Sopranos had the advantage of riffing on familiar genres: cops and mobsters. Nip/Tuck takes on a milieu as unexplored as the undertaker business in Six Feet Under, but far less solemnly.

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production details
USA | FX – Ryan Murphy Productions – Shephard-Robin Company, The – Warner Bros. Television | 100×45 minutes | Broadcast 22 July 2003 – 3 March 2010

Creator and Executive Producer: Ryan Murphy,
Executive Producers: Lyn Greene, Michael M. Robin, Richard Devine

Dylan Walsh as Sean McNamara
Julian McMahon as Christian Troy
Joely Richardson as Julia McNamara
John Hensley as Matt McNamara
Roma Maffia as Liz Cruz
Kelly Carlson as Kimber Henry

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