Old Curiosity Shop, The (ITV 2007, Derek Jacobi, Toby Jones)

Little Nell Trent (Sophie Vavassuer) lives with her doting grandfather in his London shop. Known as The Old Curiosity Shop, it is a magical place, filled from wall-to-wall with dust-laden treasures.

Grandfather keeps his nocturnal gambling activities a secret, borrowing heavily from evil, profiteering loan shark Daniel Quilp.
When he gambles away what little money they possess, Quilp seizes the opportunity to take possession of their beloved shop. It seems Nell and Grandfather are left with only one option – to escape.

The pair fall in with a number of colourful characters while on the run from Quilp and his band of heavies, including Nell’s own brother, Freddie (Bryan Dick), and his gullible friend, Dick Swiveller.

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Meanwhile, Kit Nubbles – Grandfather’s servant and Nell’s adoring friend – is contacted by a mysterious gentleman looking for news of the missing two.
But Quilp is not a man to tolerate competition, something they are all about to discover the hard way.

production details
UK | ITV1 | 1×120 minutes | 2007

Director: Brian Percival
Script: Martyn Hesford
Novel: Charles Dickens

Derek Jacobi as Grandfather
Toby Jones as Daniel Qulip
Anna Madeley as Betsy Qulip
Adam Godley as Samson Brass
Gina McKee as Sally Brass
Sophie Vavasseur as Nell Trent
Adrian Rawlins as Jacob
Bryan Dick as Freddie Trent
Zoë Wanamaker as Mrs. Jarley
Martin Freeman as Mr. Codlin
Steve Pemberton as Mr. Short
George MacKay as Kit
Bradley Walsh as Mr. Liggers
Charlene McKenna as The Marchioness
Jonathan Coy as Rev. Pratchett
Geoff Breton as Dick Swiveller
Josie Lawrence as Mrs. Jiniwin

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