Instinct (ITV1 2007, Christine Bottomley, Tom Ward)

Instinct is the story of two different men and their search for love and identity. Lizzie Mickery, writer of the internationally acclaimed Messiah, has created a new, young detective in DCI Thomas Flynn played by Anthony Flanagan.

Ian Stanford (Tom Ward) is a frustrated man. He and his wife, Megan, had an argument that morning and now she is refusing to answer his calls. He returns home to discover a horrific scene in their bedroomñ blood-streaked walls and an empty bed. But where is Megan?

DCI Thomas Flynn (Anthony Flanagan) enters the calm, clinical world of an intensive care ward. His father is in a coma. The father who deserted him when he was an eight year-old boy. Desperate to re-connect with the old man after all those wasted years, Thomas is also frustrated. He and Ianís paths cross when he is called to investigate the crime scene at the Stanfords’ house.

Thomas’ high-tech MIT team move into the local police station at Bacup and we are introduced to his colleagues – DS Shakia Barton (Jaye Griffiths), DC Ali Peters (Fiona Glascott) and DC Daniel Yelland (Paul Ritter). Thomas asks the local man, DS Groves (John Foster), to take charge of the Incident Room.

Megan Stanford is found dumped at a fly tip, her head bloody and bruised, her left leg gnawed by foxes, a scarf around her neck. Thomas discovers a torn piece of newspaper in her left hand containing the date of Meganís death.

Ian is understandably devastated, yet he soon becomes the focus of the investigation and is summoned for questioning. Thomas demonstrates the unusual interview technique that sets him apart as a unique and enigmatic young detective. Ian is released, but placed under surveillance…

production details
UK | ITV1 | 2×90 minutes | Broadcast 26-27 February 2007

Writer: Lizzie Mickery
Music: Tim Phillips
Script Executive: Catriona McKenzie
Executive Producers: Lizzie Mickery, Hilary Bevan Jones, Paul Abbott
Producer: Paul Frift
Director: Terry McDonagh

Anthony Flanagan as Detective Chief Inspector Thomas Flynn
Tom Ward as Ian Stanford
Christine Bottomley as Milly
Jaye Griffiths as Detective Sergeant Shakia Barton
Fiona Glascott as Detective Constable Ali Peters
Paul Ritter as Detective Constable Daniel Yelland
Claire Hackett as Sue
Michael Hodgson as Phil
Liam Boyle as Jake
Sara Kestelman as Jill Bright
Jon Foster as Detective Sergeant Groves
Peter De Jersey as Neil Langley
Lorraine Cheshire as Judith
Richard Sinnott as Anthony Snoden
Alan French as Rob Evans
Jack Dawber Axon as Sid

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