Phantom of the Opera, The (NBC 1990, Burt Lancaster, Ian Richardson)

This two part made-for-television adaptation of Gaston Leroux’s grand guignol piece was directed by Tony Richardson, best remembered for Look Back in Anger (1959) and Tom Jones (1963). Charles Dance plays The Phantom, inhabitant of the Paris Opera House, who is angered when his good friend Gerard Carriere (Burt Lancaster) is fired by the house’s new owners, M. Cholet (Ian Richardson) and his talentless wife, Carlotta.

Christine (Teri Polo) arrives at the opera to study with Carriere, but is told he’s been fired and must take a different job. The Phantom hears her singing and offers her lessons, but insists on remaining anonymous; despite this, a loving relationship develops. Soon, Carlotta is plagued by mysterious accidents as The Phantom tries to get his budding star on stage.

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The Paris Opera House, setting for The Phantom of the Opera (1990), actually contains a lake. Builders had to divert a stream to pour the foundation; when finished, the water flowed into the sub-basement, producing a lake that remains to this day.

production details
Germany – USA | NBC – Saban Entertainment | 168 minutes | 1990

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Director: Tony Richardson
Producer: Ross Milloy
Director of Photography: Steve Yaconelli
Editing: Robert K. Lambert
Music: John Addison
Script: Arthur L. Kopit

Burt Lancaster as Gérard Carrière
Teri Polo as Christine Daeé
Ian Richardson as Cholet
Andréa Ferréol as Carlotta
Jean-Pierre Cassel as Inspector Ledoux
Charles Dance as The Phantom of the Opera
Adam Storke as Count Philippe de Chagny

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