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Rock Bottom (BBC 1957, Philip Latham, Gwen Watford)



Single drama Rock Bottom was from writer Colin Morris would go on to be heavily involved with classic BBC police procedural Z Cars. Way down the cast list is an actor called Raymond Cooney who is best known as farce writer of the 1970’s and 1980’s Ray Cooney.

production details
UK / BBC / 1×73 minute episode / Broadcast 15 October 1957

Writer: Colin Morris / Producer: Gilchrist Calder

Philip Latham as Richard Lincoln
Gwen Watford as Brenda Lincoln
Irene French as Valerie
Keith Crane as Tony
Barbara Everest as Mrs Hunt
Geoffrey Chater as George
Michael Goodliffe as Doctor Ross
Barbara Ogilvie as Psychiatric Social Worker
Jack Cunningham as Harry
Richard Warner as King
Elsie Wagstaff as Neighbour
Margaret Walker as Betty
Rolf Lefebvre as Doctor Hasler
Nigel Arkwright as Peter
Katie Stuart as Susan
Frank Sieman as Male Nurse
Michael Bird as A.A. Chairman
Horace Sequeira as Leonard
June Vivian as Hilda
John Cabot as Jack
Christopher Banks as Paul
John Harvey as Philip
Alexander Field as Tramp
Norman Johns as Policeman
Arthur Gomez as Garage Proprietor
Raymond Cooney as Garage Assistant
Elsie Winsor as Mary
Elizabeth Howarth as Woman In Block of Flats
Mary Wiley as Second Woman In Flats
Patrick Travis as Bartender
Ruth Palmer as Waitress
Sydney Woolf as Gatekeeper