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Silver Spoons (NBC 1982-1987, Ricky Schroder, Joel Higgins)



Sitcom. 12 year old Ricky Stratton is reunited with his father (who just happens to be a millionaire toy manufacturer). The twist in the series being that Ricky was more mature than his father Edward.

production details
USA | NBC – Embassy / 116×30 minutes | Broadcast 1982-1987

Producers: David W. Ducion, Robert Iles, James R. Stein

RICKY SCHRODER as Ricky Stratton
JOEL HIGGINS as Edward Stratton III
ERIN GRAY as Kate Summers-Stratton
JOHN HOUSEMAN as Edward Stratton II
LEONARD LIGHTFOOT as Leonard Rollins (1982-83)
FRANKLYN SEALES as Dexter Stuffins
JASON BATEMAN as Derek Taylor (1982-84)
PEARL BAILEY as Lulu Baker