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Grey Granite (BBC Drama, Vivien Heilbron)



Grey Granite, based on the novel by Lewis Grassic Gibbon, is the third and final volume in the Scots Quair trilogy. The previous two novels Sunset Song and Cloud Howe were also filmed by the BBC. Sunset Song in 1971 and Cloud Howe in 1982.

All three serials followed the world of Chris Guthrie Colquhoun (Vivien Heilbron) living in Scotland in the early part of the 20th century. Some of the focus in this final story moves to her son from her marriage, Ewan Tavendale Jr (Peter Raffan), who is making inroads into politics.

Cast: Vivien Heilbron (Chris Colquohoun), Peter Raffan (Ewan Tavendale), Alec Heggie (Ake Ogilvie), Martin Black (‘Feet’ Leslie), Gerda Stevenson (Ellen Johns), Frank Williams (George Piddle), Robert Buchanan (Geordie Bruce), Margo Cunningham (Miss Murgatroyd), John Buick (Neil Quaritch), Stuart McGugan (Jim Trease), Joe Mullaney (Archie Clearmont), Jan Shand (Ena Lyon), John Langford (Norman Cruickshank), Paul Dalton (Stephen Selden), Martin Muchan (Alick Watson), Eileen McCallum (Ma Cleghorn), Ian Michie (John Cushnie), Ron Donachie (Provost Speight)

Writer: Bill Craig / Novel: Lewis Grassic Gibbon / Music: Thomas Wilson / Producer: Roderick Graham / Director: Tom Cotter

UK / BBC Two / 3×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 3 – 17 August 1983