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The Pity Of It All (ITV Drama, Billie Whitelaw)



The Pity Of It All Armchair Theatre ITV Drama Billie Whitelaw

In Armchair Theatre drama The Pity of it All, widowed Nancy Harper (Billie Whitelaw) begins a friendship with Walter Daymer (Nigel Stock) who happens to be the man responsible for the death of her daughter in a traffic accident.

The strongly cast drama was an original story from Stan Barstow and was the final play in the sixth season of the Armchair Theatre strand.

Armchair Theatre Season 6 Episode 7

Cast: Billie Whitelaw as Nancy Harper; Nigel Stock as Walter Daymer; Ann Firbank as Elizabeth Daymer; Jack Watson as Mr Frost; Maureen Pryor as Mrs Frost; John McKelvey as H. J. Finch; Patricia Shakesby as Marjorie; Hal Galili as Waiter

Writer: Stan Barstow / Story Editor: Robert Banks Stewart / Design: David Marshall / Director: Patrick Dromgoole

UK / ITV – ATV / 1×50 minute episode / Saturday 22 January 1966 at 10.05pm